Linen and waste management

Within the linen and waste collect and distribution, we propose you a wide range of materials respecting the rules of hygiene that permit a separation between the dirty and clean linen. Collection and pre-selection of dirty linen, tranfer of dirty linen, storage and distribution of linen and nappies…

  • 1-Dirty linen and waste collect
      Chariots support-sacs

      Laundry trolleys

      We propose you a wide range of laundry trolleys added to many accesories. This range, adapted to the care services, has been created for the linen and waste collect. ...Read more

      Chariot de collecte du linge

      Dirty linen trolleys

      A large lid with an emergency stop while the trolley is openned, this trolley facilitate the dirty linen collect. ...Read more


      Roll trolleys for linen

      Our roll trolleys are ideal for the collection of dirty linen and for the distribution of washed and ironed linen. Treated with high quality silver electrolytic galvanising, these ...Read more

  • 2-Nappies distribution
      Chariots de change

      Nursing trolleys

      The new range of nursing trolleys streamlines and facilitates the work of nursing assistants. The ergonomic design and the modular concept of the storage compartments make it to ad...Read more

  • 3-Linen distribution
      Chariots de distribution

      Linen transport cabinet

      Our range of linen distribution are compatible with a wide range of accesories with the aim to fit to the needs of each services....Read more

      Armoires de transport

      Linen transport cabinet

      For the distribution of clean linen in your establishment, we can propose you different transport cabinets. Our cabinets are strong, light and easy to handle as they are completely...Read more