Medical devices and medication dispensing

PRATICIMA offers for each step in the medication dispensing (preparation, transfer, storage, distribution) a wide range of products that make it possible to secure and optimize the entire logistics chain. Our cupboards, trolleys, pillboxes and modular trays (ISO 600 x 400) are adaptable for each type of establishments (Nursing homes, Hospitals, Clinics…) and all management methods (overall, by assignments, empty / full, listed…).

  • 1-Internal Pharmacies

      Optistock shelving system

      The OptiStock range has been designed for back-up storage of sterile or non-sterile materials, which are either packed or unpacked. This range is used in all wards (including inter...Read more

      Rayonnage chromé

      Wire chromed shelving

      There are 2 types of wire chromed shelving systems: fixed and mobile versions. Thanks to its sliding structure, the mobile wire chromed shelving is an interesting solution to incre...Read more

      Rayonnage télescopique

      EasyDrawer shelving

      The EasyDrawer pharmacy shelving is ideal for the storage of medicines. This modular system enables a perfect flexibility and a quick installation. The telescopic drawers are pract...Read more

  • 2-Transfer cupboard

      Transfer cupboards

      The 600 x 400 transfer cupboards are an unique tool to supply each services with medicines and medical devices from the pharmacy....Read more

  • 3-Pharmacy cupboards

      600 x 400 mobile cabinet

      Optimea 20 mobile cabinets with curtain door, with 600 face, are part of a wide range of cabinets for storing medicines, solutes and medical supplies. As they are ergonomic, hygien...Read more

      Evolys storage cabinets

      The Evolys range of cabinets is designed to meet the requirements for storing medicines and medical supplies in wards. These cabinets are a complementary to PRATICIMA 600 x 400 med...Read more

      600 x 400 pharmacy cabinets

      The PRATICIMA pharmacy cabinet range is adjustable, upgradable and compatible with the 600 x 400 standards. In order to adapt each cabinet to your needs and to your room layout, we...Read more

  • 4-Medicine distribution

      600 x 400 Modulo trolley

      The distribution trolley for pill dispensers on 600 x 400 trays is a part of a complete range which guarantees medication logistics from pharmacy to patient....Read more

      400 x 400 Evolys trolley

      The trolley from Evolys range in the 400 x 400 size is a unique compromise for dispensing medicine in 15-to-20-bed care wards. As it is ergonomic, practical, compact and adaptable,...Read more

      600 x 400 Evolys trolleys

      The Evolys range of medicine trolleys is ideal for daily medicine distribution using pill dispensers and labelled containers. We can customize your medicine trolleys thanks to our ...Read more

      Modulo dispensing trolleys

      Dispensing trolleys in the Modulo range are designed to be adapted for distribution in nursing homes or long-stay facilities. The trolleys are compact and easy to use for dispensin...Read more

      400 x 400 Modulo trolley

      The 400 x 400 Modulo dispensing trolley for XL / XXL pill trays is one of the element of the medicine logistic circuit from the farmacy to the patient. Its size is fully adapted to...Read more

      Hebdo dispensing trolleys

      The Hebdo range of medicine trolleys are ideal for distribution in institutions (elderly homes, nursing homes...). Our pill dispensers, with fixed or removable dividers, will make ...Read more

      Pil 7 dispensing trolleys

      The Pil 7 range of medicine trolleys are ideal for distribution in institutions (elderly homes, nursing homes...). Our pill dispensers with removable dividers are totally adapted f...Read more

  • 5-Supports for medication process

      Tookan manual pill crusher

      The Tookan pill crusher enables to reduce drugs to powder. As it is equipped with an integrated handle which allows to crush all medicines without any efforts, it is suitable for a...Read more

      Severo pill crusher

      In order to facilitate the medication intake, care staff has to crush patient’s medicines who are suffering from swallowing disorders. To avoid muscle skeletal pains due to manua...Read more