Technical aids for caregivers

The technical aids are made to ameliorate work conditions for medical and non-medical staff. A specialized staff for mechanized aids will help you in choosing the right product for logistic cupboard transport and for stretcher trolley aid. The same goes for the reduction of MSDs, patient transfer aids can improve comfort and security for the patient himself.
The Pinel restraint range is another proposed solution to securized the patient and the medical staff.

  • 1-Mechanized assistance
      Aide au brancardage avec le Bed Mover

      Multi Bed Mover

      The Multi Bed Mover enable to move hospital beds without any efforts, to enter in and out from elevators without assistance. ...Read more

  • 2-Restraint system
      Sangle pelvienne

      Pinel restraint system

      The ongoing development is the highly versatile PINEL system that is able to address every conceivable restraint requirement through the use of universal items based on a common pa...Read more

  • 3-Transfer of patients
      Planche de transfert en situation

      Scangliss transfer boards

      Scangliss transfer boards enable patient transfer from operating table to trolley and from trolley to bed without lifting him. Work conditions of medical staff are therefore consid...Read more

      Planches de transfert Samarit

      Samarit transfer boards

      Samarit transfer borad rollgliss facilitate patient transfer without raising him. Working conditions of care staff are improved. In accordance with hygiene standards, they are saf...Read more

      Planches glissantes

      “Banana” Transfer board

      Transfer board are an aid for patient transfer, especially created for people for whom it is hard to be lifted. It is a support to go be transfer to a point to another without much...Read more