600 x 400 Modulo trolley

This 600 x 400 Modulo distribution trolley for pill trays is a part of a complete range to ensure the logistic circuit of the medicines from the pharmacy to the patient. It allows a diary distribution with XL modulo pill trays.



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600 x 400 Modulo trolley

Plateau avec piluliers Modulo

XL Modulo pill tray


Technical features

  • Structure in anodised stainless aluminium
  • ABS panels with coloured body
  • Work surface in thermoformed plastic
  • 4 swivelling wheels Ø 125 mm, 2 with brakes
  • Separators of 14 shelves of 50mm in ABS with antislip stop
  • Capacity: 14 XL Modulo pill trays
  • Closure with thermoformed monoblock sliding door
  • Key lock


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Standard equipments

  • 1 push handle bar
  • 4 normalised rails for accesories


  • Electronic code lock
  • Telescopic tablet
  • Casset for patient file
  • Removable extension shelf
  • 2 normalised rail gantries
  • XL Modulo diary pill trays…