1 – Care units layout

Caisson suspendu Neop

400 x 600 hanging cupboards

Our hanging cupboards are an ideal complement to work surfaces. They offer an additional storage area with no loss of space neither floor space and enable complete room cleaning. These cupboards are compatible... Read more

Caissons suspendus Neop pour plans tubulaires ou suspendus

600 x 400 hanging cupboards

The distribution trolley for pill dispensers on 600 x 400 trays is a part of a complete range which guarantees medication logistics from pharmacy to patient.... Read more

Plans de travail suspendus Neop

Wall-mounted work surface

Wall-mounted work surfaces are an alternative to mobile or fixed work surfaces. They are floor space-saving and are designed for frequent and total cleaning. They can easily be removed without tools, even if th... Read more

Caissons mobile Neop 600x400

600 x 400 mobile structure

Mobile storage units are the ideal solution for optimised storage under work surfaces for treatment preparation, or for administrative tasks, all in an environment of maximum hygiene. Multipurpose trolleys can ... Read more