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C2S PRO cleaning system

The C2S PRO cleaning system, developed for daily and restorative cleaning of all types of removable and screw-retained dentures through dynamic brushing with special alloy bristles, helps clean dentures thoroughly and prevents the formation of plaque and tartar.

C2S PRO system and cleaning box



C2S PRO system

Cleaning box


The C2S PRO cleaning system was developed to improve dental care in healthcare facilities. It significantly lowers bacteria and fungi (candidiasis) levels, reducing the occurrence of some systemic diseases (upper respiratory disease). Regular care of dental prostheses improves the general health of residents. In addition, daily use of the C2S PRO reduces referrals to specialists (dentists, physicians and prosthodontists).

The C2S PRO cleaning system includes a “cleaning box”. It is personalised and replaceable (after 12 months) and provides optimal hygiene, improving user comfort while preventing cross-contamination.



Designed by C2S and manufactured in France in partnership with ADP Laboratoire, C2S TABS clean deeply in just 2 minutes. They are used daily with the C2S pro cleaning system. Their active ingredients—sodium bicarbonate and cider vinegar—act as antibacterial and descaling agents. The thyme-mint fragrance leaves breath clean and fresh.


The C2S BAT battery makes the C2S PRO mobile. The long battery life allows daily use of the C2S PRO cleaning system for a week without recharging (based on daily use of about 1 hour, or 30 two-minute cleanings).



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