Colonnes de stockage Modulo 600 x 400

Modulo® classic storage cabinets and columns

A wide product range is available to store Modulo® and Pili® pill dispensers. Several capacities from 26 to 90 trays with pill dispensers are possible and therefore adapted to different sizes of establishment... Read more

400 x 600 Neop storage cabinet

400x600 mobile Neop cabinets complete our range of storage cabinets for any products in care units or technical platform (storage of catheters). They are available in simple or double column. Their compact desi... Read more

Chariot de transfert Neop 600 x 400

600 x 400 Neop mobile storage cabinet

Neop mobile cabinets are part of a wide range of cabinets for storing medicines, solutes and medical supplies. As they are ergonomic, hygienic, compact and adaptable, these cabinets in this range are ideal to e... Read more