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Neop range

Designed to cover all your needs

Neop is a range of trolleys and cabinets for the transport, storage and distribution
of medicine and medical products, care delivery and for care unit equipment.




  • Monobloc box made of aluminium or steel according to models
  • Very high impact resistance
  • Qualitative castors, to support heavy loads



  • Top shelf containing ergonomic gripping area
  • Opening / closing of roller shutters without bending down
    thanks to intermediate grip areas
  • Motorisation in option to limit pushing efforts and prevents MSD




  • Monobloc box design: no retention zone
  • Resistant to disinfecting products of hospital environment
  • 100 % cleaning of the trolley: extractable roller shutter and removable inside side panels



  • Ward name identification on request
  • 3 available colours:  Magenta pink b Apple green b Sky blue 



  • Unique design for all Neop range
  • Asymmetric shape: distinctive look



Wide range of internal and lateral accessories compatible
with full Neop range