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Hermectic bag holder

Our hermetic bag holder with a pedal enables to reduce bacteria proliferation thanks to an hermetic clamp.


Collecteur à déchets

Closed hermetic bag holder

Collecteur à déchets ouvert

Openned hermetic bag holder


Technical features

  • 18/10° stainless steel structure
  • Clamp with non-slip coating for a good bag support
  • Removable ABS lower shelf
  • Double articulated clamp for a perfect bag support
  • 4 pivoting wheels Ø 75 mm, 2 with brakes
  • Support for hand drill (not supplied)
  • Non-marking wheels
  • 4 round bumpers
  • 2 models: for bags from 40 to 80 L and for bags from 70 to 120 L