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Wire chromed shelving

Wire chromed shelving system

There are 2 types of wire chromed shelving systems: fixed and mobile versions.

Thanks to its sliding structure, the mobile wire chromed shelving is an interesting solution to increase storage surface. An another hand, the fixed chromed shelving can be set up linearly or in corner.

The flexibility of this range enables to find an adapted solution to everybody’s needs without any restrictions.



Rayonnage chromé fixe

Fixed shelving

Rayonnage chromé mobile

Mobile shelving


Technical features

  • Wire chromed shelving
  • Strenght: resistant to heavy loads up to 300 kg
  • Easy assembling: quick setting up without nuts nor bolts and no tools
  • Cleanliness: no dust, easy cleaning


  • Label holder
  • External closet
  • Baskets
  • Dividers