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600 x 400 compatible pharmacy cabinets

The PRATICIMA pharmacy cabinet range is adjustable, upgradable and compatible with the 600 x 400 standards.
In order to adapt each cabinet to your needs and to your room layout, we offer a wide range of different storage volumes, with curtain doors or swing-out doors and adjustable inside arrangements (600 x 400) to help your medicine transfer from the internal pharmacy to the healthcare wards.


Armoire de transfert


Armoires de transfert



Technical features

  • Steel body 10/10e anticorrosion treated with epoxy
  • Curtain door with key lock (code lock or badge lock optional)
  • Convertible door(s) in 12/10 steel
  • No door hinges for reasons of strength and hygiene
  • Doors open 180 °
  • Choice of door opening direction
  • Partition in 2 or 3 compartments on whole or part of cabinet height