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Modulo Classic transfer cabinets

Modulo classic transfer cabinets are used to transfer Modulo® classic or Pili® pill dispensers from pharmacies to nurse stations.
The structure has been designed to be transported outside and in vehicles.


Modulo classic transfer cabinets

40 tray cabinet

Modulo classic transfer cabinets

50 tray cabinet


Technical features

  • Sheet metal body and epoxy covered structure
  • Closure by curtain door with foldable key
  • Wheels ø 200 mm with bandages and non-staining peripheral bumpers:
    – Model with 2 wheels swivel : 2 wheels swivel with brake + 2 fixed wheels
    – Model with 4 wheels swivel: 4 wheels swivel with brake
  • Capacity : 28, 40 or 50 pill organizers Modulo® classic or Pili®


  • Optional automatic tow bar system