Transfer cupboards with door

Cupboards for logistic transfer

The 600 x 400 transfer cupboards are an unique tool to supply each services with medicines and medical devices from the pharmacy. A robust design permits a transport in the inside, the outside and also with a vehicle.



Armoire de transfert

Cupboard for logistic transfer – simple


Cupboard for logistic transfer – double


Technical features

  • Structure in anodised aluminum
  • Closure with key lock
  • Ergonomic push handle bar
  • Top and bottom rubber bumpers
  • 4 non-track wheels Ø 200 mm, 2 are swivelling and 2 are fixed
  • Permitted load per column: 250kg
  • Made for washing tunnels


  • Brakes
  • xcise seals instead of the key lock
  • System of spring-loaded directionnal wheels …