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XXL medical file trolleys

The XXL patient file trolley range is designed for the storage of medical and x-ray files.

These ergonomic and modular items enable an optimised storage of the files according to each ward’s needs. File confidentiality is assured thanks to the curtain door closing.
You can also adapt a PC support on all trolleys and therefore get access to computerized patient files.



Chariots pour dossiers XXL
Chariots pour dossiers XXL


Technical features

  • Anodised aluminium structure
  • ABS side panels and working surface with edges
  • Removable and sliding curtain door
  • Key lock system
  • Polystyrene removable inside side panels with 20 mm levels
  • Delivered with 24 dividers, which means 2 levels with 11 compartments
  • 60 mm wide each (additional divider in option)
  • Capacity by level: 33 levels with 20 mm width
  • 2 vertical pushing handles
  • 4 swivelling wheels Ø 125 mm and 2 with brake with bumpers
  • Colour: pop blue


  • Extendable shelf
  • Standard rail
  • Holder for laptop
  • Holder for screen
  • Adjustable divider