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“Banana” Transfer board

Transfer boards are an aid for patient transfer, especially created for people for whom it is hard to be lifted. It is a support to go be transfer to a point to another without much efforts: from bed to wheelchair, from the chair to the toilets or from chair to the car.

The “Banana” curved form, has been designed in collaboration with therapists to facilitate the user position and to ensure him a secured and stable rest.

They are ideally created for medicine services, nursing homes and home care.


Planches glissantes

Two existing models

Planche glissante en situation

Use example


Technical features

  • Dimensions :

– Large model: W. 1000 x D. 340 mm
– Small model: W. 680 x D. 230 mm

  • Capacity :

– For a transfer lenght under 20 cm: 150 kg
– For a transfer lenght between 20 and 30 cm: 130 kg

  • Materials : HDPE
  • Easy to clean and to desinfect
  • Blue adhesive tapes