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Is medical staff in your facility exhausted by handling the nursing, dressing or medicine distribution carts?


STOP to manual HANDLING !
How to proceed ? Use motorized carts


Praticima offers a unique solution: carts equipped with a motorized wheel. This innovation will remove push efforts done by the users. Control of the motorization is done very easily with one hand. Medical staff will benefit from optimal working conditions.

Strengths of the EasyMoove solution:

  • 100 % motorized : handle a 80 kg cart with one hand
  • Excellent manoeuverability and ergonomic handle : less efforts, less risks of MSD’s
  • Ergonomics as an economic solution, return on investment by reducing the costs of sick leaves
  • Selection of the speed and progressive acceleration
  • Adaptive system for irregular floors
  • Large autonomy of the battery : manual mode possible in case the battery has not been charged
  • Easy to use and to charge the batteries


Motorized carts available for:

  • Nursing trolleys
  • Dispensing trolleys