Spacio range for care units

With its acknowledged experience of many years, we are able to realize adapted care units exactly suited to your requirements.
Placed in a global system of storage and medecine distribution, our modular system allows you to create your own care unit.
Materials and manufacturing technologies have been chosen regarding the hygiene needs of your institution.


Salle de soins Spacio

Care unit with a “Bleu horizon” color

Salle de soins Spacio

Care unit with a “Pomme Verte” color



  • Furnitures made of melamined-faced particle board.
  • Thickness particle boards: 19mm for the structure, 8 mm for the counter-weight furnitures.
  • M3 classification with fire.
  • Furnitures on adjustable jack feets with a support for plinths.
  • Hinges with invisible dampened closure system.
  • Perfect waterproofing worksurface (high quality materials: Corian).
  • Furnitures designed for equipments (trays, baskets, pillboxes…) which are also used in the whole range for storage and distribution (trolleys, cupboards), adapted to the 600 x 400 and 400 x 400 ISO norms.